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Rhinestone Shower Curtains

How I got started designing home decor goes back to my days as a hairstylist for 17 years. I was a really good stylist but I never truly loved doing hair but I loved being able to create art especially when I would do 3D type art with hair. Most times it seemed like the styles I was doing on peoples head was too much. My ideas were simply too big for a small head I needed a bigger platform.

How my designs of shower curtains came about....for several years I was trying to live up to someone else's standards of who and what I should be. I was trying to be a conservative girl when I was the exact opposite. I was trying to hide my true self to win acceptance because I didn't love myself and also to impress a person that I gave total control of myself to. I moved into a new apartment and I wanted my bathroom to look like cheetah land. I wanted the toilet seat, shower curtain and all the matching accessories. Suddenly I remembered I was no longer that girl, I was mature now and liked more mature things. So instead I let my sister-in-law and her  very conservative friend take me to Bed Bath and Beyond and allowed them to pick out my bathroom decor. Thinking surely he would see my maturity into a woman as I was only 23 years old. They picked out an olive green rug, seat cover, and shower curtain that went along with a toothbrush holder, trash can and soap dish costing me a pretty penny. To say the least I HATED IT ALL!!!! I hated it to the very core of my being because it just wasn't me.  Read More...