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LNikkole Home

About Designer

Ell Nikkole is a home décor designer, taste-maker, and trendsetter based in Texas. Born and raised in Arkansas, she began her career as a hairstylist in 1998 and opened her first salon several years later in 2012, trying to keep her dying passion for hair alive. She realized her passion for creating unique hairstyles had died. As she designed the décor for her salon, she felt an immense passion emerge. And as more unique ideas surfaced from her heart, her passion for designing home décor was born. 

In 2013, shortly after she opened the doors to her salon, she gave birth to her first child. The baby was born at 26 weeks, 14 weeks prematurly. In the midst of the 96 long grueling, heart wrenching days in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) with her newborn she had to close the doors to her salon. After the baby's release from the hospital she sat home jobless and uncertain of their future.

While embarking on single motherhood and nursing her baby to good health she decided not to sit home and dwell in uncertainty, but use the time God gave her wisely. With the little money she had she relocated to Arlington, Texas hoping the change would give her hope and inspiration. 

Underestimating her baby's insurmountable health issues and the long road it would take to nurse her to good health, she was home for two years. Feeling defeated she decided to hone her skills and try an idea that sat in the back of her mind for a few years. To her surprise, it turned out more beautiful than she could have ever imagined! At that moment her hope reignited and LNikkole Home was born. She didn't know how, but she knew she wanted to build a business around her one design.

After learning valuable lessons of patience and humility, she rose to meet her potential and found a way out of no way. She let her heart be her guide, her belief and talents be her support, and dreams for a better be her motivation. She was unstoppable and relentless in the face of failure.

Ell loves a unique beauty, things that are not of the norm and are un-ordinarily beautiful. She prides herself on standing out from the crowd and being unafraid to take a leap when fearful or standing alone for being so uniquely different. Every product she makes comes from the pit of her soul, and she stands proudly when asked where does she get her ideas from. She takes the notion to always believe in yourself and dreams. Cheer yourself on when no one else does, let nothing stand in your way and success will find you.