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How my Rhinestone High HeelShower Curtain Came About

The Rhinestone High Heel Shower Curtain came about from my absolute love and infatuation of high heels. I love them from the very pit of my soul.  This story is a story of my breakthrough in life, and has lead me to live a more open and honest life, but I'll give you the shorter version.

I was living in a small one bedroom apartment and every wall in my bedroom was almost to the ceiling with high heel shoes, because my closet could not hold another pair.  One day I was sitting wondering why I had so many shoes (over 600 pairs). It made me realize my shoe addiction was a symptom of something deeper. So I went soul searching and fixed my issues.  After that I so wanted some rhinestone high heels, and I was trying to come up with a way to make them myself with some shoes I already had, but I couldn't figure out a way to not make them look homemade. Years later, I still wanted them but just could not afford to but anymore shoes, and then it appeared so vividly in my mind. A Rhinestone High Heel Shower Curtain. I was like, "HUH?" It stayed there for a while and months later one night I sat on the floor and started trying to draw it, and BAM on my first try it turned out surprisingly ok. I swore that was a sign from the heavens above, and I proceeded; over a month later I had my first design, a handmade rhinestone high heel shower curtain. I shocked myself!

Since then I have gone on and designed more home décor products. I have made some chic rhinestone vases to match the shower curtains, and other posh rhinestone shower curtains. I hope you find something in my store that you love that inspires you in some way.

I tell my story of my designs to help you to know me as a person and my journey into becoming a designer. I took a serious leap of faith and had no idea how I would turn it in to something, but I put all my faith in God and have made leaps and bounds of progress since then. I always say follow your heart it knows the way.

  • May 17, 2017
  • Ell Clark