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How my Shower Curtain Designs Came To Be

I know it may be unusual to write a personal blog in a store for home décor, but I don't know any other way to be so I just decided to be me.  One day I sat a home with a new baby wondering what was I going to do to give us a better life. I had what I  considered to be great idea for a shower curtain, but could not figure out how to make it happen.  I barely had enough money to live off of. So one day I just sat down on the floor with nothing to lose and just started drawing. To my surprise it turned out ok. It inspired me to make my first rhinestone shower curtain design.

When I decided to take a leap into bringing my shower curtain ideas to life, I had no idea how I would do it, but one thing I knew was I wanted everything to reflect who I truly am as a person.  All my designs are mine that came to me in various forms of inspirations and dreams.  I love chicness, elegance, glamour, and all things that are rhinestone and bling!  I wondered if my taste was too extravagant and would anybody see the beauty in things that I thought were beautiful; I was so afraid, but I just could not let that stop me from creating whatever came from my heart.

The point of it all is I just have to be me in every sense of the word, and that has also allowed me to let others be authentically true to themselves in whatever way that may be.  I wanted to experience true joy in the essence of who I am as a person that the universe so graciously made me to be.  I feel my all my handmade shower curtain designs are a reflection of the love that resides in me and I hope everyone can see and feel it.

I hope I am an inspiration to someone out there, to live and do whatever brings you the most joy, even if it's knitting socks on the moon for the homeless, DO IT!  I like to say, "let your heart be your guide, it knows the way."  If you are not doing what you love, take time out to find what really truly brings you the most happiness and make a step by step plan to get there.  Whatever you do, do not rush or take shortcuts, take true pleasure in the journey of getting to the destination you desire.  I'll tell you my secret(bring your ear closer so I can whisper),I DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHAT MY PLANS ARE, I JUST PUT THEM IN MOTION.  With or without money, with or without support, JUST DO IT! Just make your moves and be your own biggest supporter, clap for yourself, pat yourself on the back.  If you have someone without an inkling of doubt that's loyal and you can trust, maybe, but otherwise be your own bestfriend.  You are in control of your destiny and where you want to be in life no matter what ANYONE says.  If things you want are not panning out to your desire, sit and reflect to see what direction you should go. I like to look for signs and sit still and wait for answers when things are not going the way I want them to. We can lie to the world, but we cannot lie to ourselves. We have one life, so make the absolute best of it.  Use your failures as stepping stones to your destination, and always be patient and loving with yourself.  Live freely and love yourself for exactly who you are and don't let anything hold you from living the life of your dreams.





  • November 18, 2016
  • Ell Clark